The Understanding Series – Part 2 – Another vs. Other

In the second part of the series, we will look at use of Another and Other, and along the way also take a look at use of Articles.

Most of us already know that A and An are articles to indicate non specific nouns, while the is used for specific nouns. Extending from this, Another simply is the combination of the two words an and other. So, when we are using Another or other, it means we are looking at nonspecific noun.

Ex: This pen is not writing well. Give me another. (Any other pen)

However, when you use the other it indicates something specific. The is used for specific things. Now, see how the sentence and the meaning changes:

Ex: This pen is not writing well. Give me the other. (there are only two pens, we are specifically requesting for the other one)

Now, the question is where do we use other?

Ex. This pen is writing well. Other pens write well too. (some other pens)

Ex. These pages are torn. I want the other pages. (some other pages)

Moral? Another – any other. Other – some other. The other – specifically other.

Now, take a look at a quick quiz.


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