Vocabulary Building Passage – 5

Read this article about Vancouver. A city in Canada.

“Vancouver is a wonder city,” Canadian author Stephen Leacock once wrote. “It has the combined excellence of nature’s gift and man’s handiwork.”  Today this statement rings truer than ever. The glittering glass metropolis – set against temperate rainforest, ocean inlets, and the Coast Mountains of British Columbia – keeps finding new ways to shine.

Over the past five years, the city has taken important steps toward reconciliation with the native people, and thriving indigenous tourism industry has grown along with it. More restaurants and bars are sourcing local ingredients – from foraged berries to Douglas fir infusions – and a booming brewery and distillery scene rivals that of Portland.

An ethic of sustainability permeates the culture of Vancouver, which brims with community gardens and farmer markets. You can now pedal from the cedars of Stanley park to the tourists of Wreck Beach. From there, mountains, islands, and wonder await.

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