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The oil to First Academy's machine. With the possible exception of handling the sessions, there is little that Ram doesn't know or can't do. Dedicated, devoted, and absolutely trust worthy and easily the most loved and the most depended upon member of our family. Truly, రాముడు చాలా మంచి బాలుడు. बेमिसाल राम्!


Our Man Friday. He is the glue that holds everything in First Academy together. From designing and fabricating cases for the tablets in our lab to assisting in student admissions to typesetting material to making cakes with fantastic icing designs, there is little he is not willing to do. He likes creating, crafting, and falling off stairs.


Our answer to Murphy's law is Teju - the miracle maker. When the whole world turns to God in distress, we turn to Teju. What in all companies is achieved by a lot of teams working very hard, is achieved in First Academy very casually by Teju. He is our marketing team, our designing team, technology team, content developing team, web support and much more. The Multi-talented, humorous, and charming Teju.

PS: He doesn't always eat pens.


This is the guy whose 'Hi! This is First Academy' you must have heard first. Our enthusiasitic, effervescent, lively people person with an inordinate liking for risqué humour and bikes without mudflaps. He is the fun, frolic, and the phone man of First Academy.


The 'First Lady'. Taking care of everything related to US admissions. She is the one who is always on the move. The only person in the team who has two seats, two places, three computers, and seven people dedicated to serving her. She proposes and First Academy disposes.


The most recent addition to our team. Bubbly, tomboyish, stubborn, and an absolute hoot to have around. Our darling Kate seems to be absolutely indifferent to food, bad food, and even worse food. The only things that seem to be stronger than her gastric constitution are her punches and love for teaching. From her gobbledygook imitation of Hindi, Telugu, and everything else we speak, to her saying 'How Can I know?' she is everything we have ever wanted in an Intern and then some more! We love this Ukrainian loves India. Welcome Home Kateryna!

Ashwin Rahul

Our go to technology man. Most of the videos that you get to see on our YouTube channel are courtesy Ashwin Rahul. After Affects to Application Forms, he is always game to learn and do something new and do it well.

A stickler for completing things on time, and do them well. He likes time-tables, plans, and meeting deadlines. He seems to dislike everything else in between.


The effervescent, lively, bright-eyed, wide-eyes lass of the team. The quintessential 'chokri' of First Academy, with equal measures spunk, charm, earnestness and a penchant for writing well, and reading stuff that is written well. Not to forget that smile. Oh, that smile...


Our first European intern with an unpronounceable family name. Lively, chirpy, and fun. She was the source of a lot of fun and badly cooked food. Efficient, and amiable, she was a darling of our students. You can find her birthday photos on our facebook as proof!


Our raison d'être. There would be no First Academy without her. She is the soul of the organisation and beyond any doubt the hardest working member of the team. She is our IELTS trainer. Our reviews say enough about her, but there is always more that can be said, but for that, we would have to invent words!


Curious, wide-eyed, Oracle-learning, Dance-learning resident in-charge of IELTS registrations who has a penchant for going to Australia. From coming from on time always, to making sure that we are always able to write, to transporting stones there are things that only Navya can accomplish. The most punctual among us all, she is usually missing from all the fun get-togethers that we have. Why? Her fun, seemingly is to be found elsewhere, especially in wearing blue-tops and Ray-Bans.


Flows like a river. Like her looks, she is the silent, efficient kind. Our liason with agents, clients and in the most colloquial terms Spandana's right hand. Quiet, and unassuming, her looks belie her sense of humour, intelligence and love of languages, especially Hindi.

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Special Sessions

From time to time, we also offer weekend / personal training sessions. To know more about the upcoming weekend session, do contact us!