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Can money bring happiness? What are the factors for happiness?

For many people, life is all about money. People spend a lot of time either thinking about it or figuring out ways to earn it. In this essay, I aim to look at whether people can buy happiness.

People want money for several things ranging from wanting to buy the latest gadget to helping a loved get out of some difficulty. Money, for most people, has become the means for achieving happiness. But the question is where it’s really essential to save $1 million for our retirement.

There are a lot of people who have eschewed lucrative career paths to do what they really enjoy doing. And they live, happy, fulfilled contended lives. These people are living proof that chasing and spending money are not the keys to happiness.

Sometimes, things that money cannot buy are the ones that bring happiness. Being able to spend time with family. Walking alone on a beach or learning how to knit a sweater after trying to several years can all bring untold joy. For example, for someone who loves to learn, getting on the road to taking up a new field of study could make them happy.

I believe that being rich can help you get things but might not let you be happy. There are millions of families that are not rich, but they are comfortable, and happy. And these families often assert that money is not the reason behind their happiness or sadness.

Eventually, it is all about who are. If one’s happiness rests in material things, money can make them happy. If not, then no matter how much you spend, money cannot make you smile.

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