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Our Coaching

Our classroom training is for a period of 4 weeks (intensive short term) or 8 weeks (long term). The training includes sessions that prepare you for SAT. We are among the very select group of companies that understand and thoroughly prepare you to successfully attempt the test.

The course will include, but is not limited to:

Basic list of words that you need.

Vocabulary training

Words forms

Parts of speech

Relations between words

Reading Comprehension

Sentence Structuring

Understanding and Using new words

Quantitative Aptitude will include exercises designed to help both the beginners and the advanced learners alike.

Those who are terrified by math will be pleased to know our sessions are designed to take away this terror! 😉

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Personalized Training

Equally awesome personalised training sessions available upon request


Session Timings

7:00am – 08:30am
09:00am – 10:30am
5:00pm – 06:30pm
07:00pm – 08:30pm


Session Duration

Short Term – 4 Weeks
Long Term – 8 Weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Along with the Official SAT preparation Material our training includes class-handouts with questions that are designed to make learners think, and then understand.

The training and the material all conform to the latest standards and updates released by the College Board.

Yes! All our sessions have limited class strength. You will be able to personally interact with the trainer any time during the class. Our trainers will all strive to know each student personally too!

If you have any further issues, we would love to sort them out for you and schedule a personal interaction with one of our trainers.

The Online coaching for SAT is via Zoom/Google Meet/Skype. Personal invites will be sent to you over email and/or Whatsapp.

As for the classroom SAT coaching, you walk in to the class and say hello! 👋 We have airconditioned classes, that are well-lit, and spacious too!

You can always start with a free test Or a free session. You could also to call us, or visit us. We will always be ready to assist you!

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With so much fo marketing around, there are bound to be doubts about any claim of authenticity. While would like you to trust us, we would not want you doing so without due diligence.

The best way to ascertain that would be to attend a session! Attend a regular coaching session for free. Enroll only if you like it!

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