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IELTS Coaching in Hyderabad. Band 8 IELTS Training

First Academy has a practice portal with over 70 sample IELTS test that students can take at any time.

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Individual Writing Evaluations by Cambridge Certified Trainers will give you a clear idea of how to improve and tips on getting Band 7 in Writing. Many of our students even get a Band 8 in writing.

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IELTS Examination Fee: β‚Ή17,000 (as on 1st Jan 2024)

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Our IELTS coaching is the best, a part of the reason is our material. Here is IELTS Big Book - exclusive IELTS material only at First Academy!

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Get Band 8+ in IELTS. Our IELTS coaching comes with examiner style exam-grade writing corrections and writing hacks. Exclusively available at First Academy

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Best IELTS Coaching

Best IELTS Coaching

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Best IELTS Material

Best IELTS material

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Organised for maximum impact

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Best Coaching, Best Evaluations

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Detailed feedback and suggestions

Personalised tips for improvement

Detailed scoring with explanation

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If you are comfortable with English, we encourage you to take a free test and attend a free session before enrolling. We give dependable advice. That is why we are the best IELTS coaching in town.

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❀ by testtakers across the globe.

Teaching was really good. I performanced better after every class. The tips and tricks given by the institute really helped me well to score well. Mock tests are really helpful. It is the best institution for Ielts preparation. The faculty and the study material is really supportive

One of the most engaging & dedicated faculty I found for IELTS. The teaching staff has very deep understanding of exam pattern & correction style that not only helps in getting a good score in exam but also in effectively communicating beyond exam. Highly recommended for those who are targeting higher bands or score.

I am very happy to share this news that my visa is approved today.This all happened because of first academy. With continues support from start to end. We are very much happy to share this review.This might be helpful for whom they are searching for right consultancy. Thank you soon much.

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IELTS Exam Fees for 2022/2023

The IELTS exam fees for 2022 and 2023 have been announced. The test will now cost INR 15500 in India. IELTS is now solely being delivered by IDP in India.

General Information about IELTS Exam Fee

The IELTS examination fee has increased by approximately 8000 rupees since 2007. This means that the total cost of an IELTS exam will now be Rupees 15500 (up from 7200 in 2007).

IELTS Test Registration Fee

The IELTS test fee for Indian students has consistently been increasing. Students who wish to take the IELTS exam in India must pay Rs. 15500 as the application fee. However, there is no additional charge for registering for the IELTS at First Academy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy to simply say yes. While we do in fact provide the best coaching for IELTS, unlike others, we have solid evidence. We are the only institute with trainers that have world class certifications. We have trainers who have authors. Most of all, we ask you to attend a session and look the impressive set of achievements. We are sure you will agree with us!

No restrictions apply. You can repeat the test whenever, and how-many-ever-times you want. At any rate, why would you want to retake the test? Take a mock-test with us, or better still, attend our stupendously informative sessions! πŸ˜€

You will receive your results within 13 days of your test date. If you are taking a computer based test, the scores will be out in 5 days You will get also get an SMS alert before your final score.

The Academic Module is apt if you are seeking admissions into undergraduate and postgraduate courses in an English speaking country or into a university program that is taught in English.

The General Training Module is designed to test the basic survival skills in a broad social and educational context. It is for candidates who are going to English speaking countries to complete their secondary education, to undertake work experience or training programmes, or for immigration into Australia, Canada or New Zealand.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the candidate to inform the test centre whether they wish to take the Academic or General Training Modules. Centres are not responsible for providing this information. It must be noted that it may not be possible to change module later or on the day of the test.

IELTS has four parts – Listening (30 minutes), Reading (60 minutes), Writing (60 minutes) and Speaking (11–14 minutes). The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The Listening, Reading and Writing tests are done in one sitting. The Speaking test may be on the same day or up to seven days before or after the other tests

That would simply put you in the Majority! πŸ˜‹Tongue-in-cheek humour apart, IELTS, like most other tests, is known to disappoint test takers by giving them scores that are much lower than what they expect. This is usually because most people do not understand the scoring mechanism.

That is not the end however. If you are absolutely certain, you can always apply for a re-evaluation! And if your scores do improve, the entire re-evaluation fee is refunded!


You can always take a free test. Or attend a free session. If youwant to talk to someone about the test, call us or visit us. We will always be ready to assist you!

Or you could:

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Start Slow

One of the most important things to know about IELTS preparation is that you have to start slow. Many test takers start with downloading or collecting a lot of material and start diving into the deep end. This will only result in anxiety as your go ahead.

Make a Strength Map

There are definitely going to be areas that you are good at. At the very beginning, it is important for you to have a clear understanding of areas that you are strong in. This will help you get an understanding of your 'worst' possible score.

How To Make a Strength Map

One of the best ways to make a Strength Map is to take full-length tests. Look at each section of IELTS (Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking) and make a separate list of areas you are particularly good at.

Read the remaining on the blog

Basic Details

IELTS General Training is not very different from the academic version. In the General Training version of the test, the biggest difference is in the first writing task. The first writing task in this version of the test is letter writing. Candidates are asked to write a letter in no less than 150 words based on the situation presented to them. The task rubric also presents the candidates with an outline for the content. This in fact makes the task easier than what it is in the academic version of the exam.


The duration of the IELTS General Training is also pretty much the same. The coaching will be for a period of 4 weeks with a validity of six months. You can schedule the coaching according to your convenience. You can space out individual sessions or individual modules in any manner you wish over a period of six months. You have the additional flexibility of being able to attend any or all sessions we conduct – whether they are classroom sessions or online sessions. We suggest candidates to take a free evaluated mock test to see if they need training. We, at First Academy pride ourselves in being the best and this extends to our business practices too!

Who Should Take IELTS General

IELTS General Training is designed for those who wish to immigrate to an English-speaking country or apply for jobs in organisations where English is the primary language of communication. The test is designed to assess a candidate’s proficiency in English across the four modes of communication – reading, listening, speaking, and writing. A candidate is scored individually across the four modules along with receiving an overall score. The scores determine the candidates level based on the CEFR framework which is a standardised format of language assessment which is accepted across the world.

Our IELTS preparation course is the most reviewed and the most sought-after program across India. The course is designed and delivered by some of the best trainers in India. At First Academy, our trainers undergo a stringent evaluation and assessment process before being thoroughly trained for delivering content to exacting standards. The trainers conform to the standards set by Cambridge Assessment English to deliver the best possible training. The course itself spans 4 weeks and provides students with the option to take it at their own place. The course is available both as an online program and an in-classroom training course.

Both these IELTS preparation courses give learners an option to stagger their learning over a period of 6 months. This is done to cater to all levels of learners. While those who are proficient in English can complete the course in as little as a week, those who are at the basic or the intermediate level can pace and space their learning to match their needs. Many basic learners take one module before starting practice on that module. Once they reach a level of comfort, they then move to other modules.

The IELTS preparation course includes everything that learners need. From a notebook to course material that is exclusive to learners of First Academy, to access to a vast repository of standardised IELTS material and grammar practice to keep them in touch with the language all through the duration of the programme. The online practice portal includes grammar resources, vocabulary resources for IELTS along with access to First Academy’s Telegram channel that keeps posting learning resources and quizzes to keep the learners entertained while improving their language proficiency. Beyond this there is also access to a frequently updated blog that gives the latest updates on the world of IELTS and admissions into US universities.


First Academy’s IELTS coaching Centre – Hyderabad is at two locations – and if you consider our excellent online training, we are also available online – accessible to leaners all over the world. Our centres are at Ameerpet and Madhapur. Both locations are in the heart of students and learning hubs of Hyderabad and are easily accessible by road and public transport (both buses and the metro). They are also conveniently located around some of the most popular eating and meeting places of their respective locations.

Special Features

The Ameerpet branch of our IELTS Coaching Centre Hyderabad is located bang in between the road connecting the Ameerpet Metro Station and the Punjagutta Metro station. It is within a 6-minute walking distance. As for the bus service – the Ameerpet centre is a 20 metre walk from the Ameerpet bus station. This means that apart from learning, our students are close to the hub of social life. Our centres are equipped with a lab and library for those who wish to stay with the quiet ambience the First Academy provides. We are also the only Pet Friendly learning institution in Hyderabad! We have quite a few students who learn with us in the company of their pets!

Take a Tour

If you are looking to see how the training is at our IELTS Coaching Centre in Hyderabad – then the easiest way is to leave us a message or call us. We would love to arrange a free session for you. This will give you the opportunity to look at the centre, see what facilities are on offer while interacting with our staff, our trainers, and other students. It will be a good measure of how awesome our training and our centre is. If you are thinking about IELTS preparation or IELTS coaching, you only need to think First Academy – we are simply the best there is.

First Academy’s IELTS Training Online program is flexible, interactive and in line with the latest pedagogical methods and testing standards. Just like our classroom training, the online program is 4 weeks long and takes a detailed look into all the modules tested in the real IELTS exam. The program includes both physical and online material that will allow you to have practice for both exam modes. The online practice material is available to you via an assigned login to our preparation portal. The training is a live session where our trainers interact with students and answer questions and clarify doubts on the fly.

IELTS Training online is available at different times during the day and has learners from all several countries coming together. We have learners from countries as wide and diverse as Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Kenya, Tanzania, Singapore, Sri Lanka among others. The training is delivered by Cambridge Certified trainers or trainers certified and vetted by Cambridge certified trainers and master trainers. This means that no matter which class you attend and when, you can be assured of uniformly high-quality training. This is something First Academy has been known to maintain throughout the more than two-decade course of its existence.

Another feature of our IELTS training online is the trainer assisted quizzes that are peppered all through the program. These sessions will not only give leaners an idea of the kind of questions they are expected to face, it will also give them a ringside view of how experts tackle such questions. This will give them a deeper understanding of how to tackle questions while allowing them an opportunity to immediately clarify any doubts they might have right at the time of learning. This, along with the ability to attend a free session before committing to payment makes taking the plunge safer than anywhere else!

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