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βœ… 4 weeks (intensive short term)
βœ… 8 weeks (long term)
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The only coaching that thoroughly prepares for the Analytical Writing Assessment section of the GRE.

The AWA scores are important especially if you are seeking admissions into top univerisities.

The course also includes:

Killer Word lists.

Vocabulary Tricks

Words Forms Questions

Purpose of Words

Words in Context

Reading Comprehension

Sentence Completion

Word use Tricks

Our Quantitative Aptitude exercises are designed to help both beginners and advanced learners alike. Those who hate maths will be pleased to know that GRE does not have any mathematics that one would not have done in school.

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Session Timings

07:30am – 09:00am
07:00am – 08:30am
9:30am – 11:00am
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07:00pm – 08:30pm

Regular Course Duration

Regular Term – 8 weeks
Short Term – 4 weeks
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First Academy have the best tutors and the best in class counselling for Aboard studies in USA and Canada, clean classrooms with AC and friendly environment. During covid-19 they received all calls and gave advise.

Excellent academy for GRE coaching and counselling. The staff is really good and supportive. I especially liked the verbal sessions taken by Teju sir. The admission process was very transparent. I highly recommend First academy.

I have taken GRE, IELTS Coaching at First Academy and achieved great scores in both the tests. They have excellent faculty. The one-on-one sessions help the students to improve our command on the subjects.

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Questions about Our GRE Coaching

Here are a few questions about our personalised training that people usually want to know the answers to. If your question isn’t answered here, you can always contact Usand we will answer it for you!

No! Our personalised sessions are available both online and offline! We would be delighted to arrange for a personal session for you at our premises. We will help you chart a plan and a timetable too!

Absolutely! The whole purpose of personalised training is that. You can choose which sections you attend and when!

Oh yeah! πŸ˜€ We have had people from Australia, Morocco, Iran, Nigeria, and several other places come to us for training. If you wish to visit India for our training, we welcome you with unfettered delight. If you wish to train online, we can do that too! Let us help you get started!

If you wish to take up the classroom training for only one of the modules, you will not be paying the full fee. You will however be receiving the full set of material and access to the lab for the duration of your training! If you want to take up individual training, we will tailor the course and give you full details of the fee before you start the course.

Relax. If want to talk to someone about the test, do call us, or visit us. We will always be ready to assist you! And talking to us is free. If you have a question about the test, we would love to answer it!

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We provide a combination of workbook (physical material), class handouts, and a carefully crafted set of practice questions (over 6000) and 11 full-length practice tests that are designed to take you towards a 320+ in GRE!

GRE Online Coaching

At First Academy, we believe in both excellence and fairness. Our GRE Online coaching is very similar in content, delivery, and the level of interaction to our classroom sessions. Our excellent trainers ensure that the classes are both engaging and informative.

Classes have a limited number of students and have dedicated time for question-and-answer sessions that are helpful in clearing any immediate doubts that you may have. Beyond this, each class has specially designed exercises and question sets that are have been crafted to increase understanding and enhance longevity of memory.

We are one of the oldest and the most awarded training institutes not just in Hyderabad, but all over India. Our GRE online coaching lives up to the most exacting standards. The trainers are experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable, and focused.

Another impressive feature of our GRE online coaching is the material. The material is set to match international standards. Our trainers are only GRE authors of books that are being used internationally by students who have successfully been admitted into prestigious institutions like Wharton School of Business and London School of Economics.

We would love for you to attend a free session to see how our sessions are designed and delivered. We know experiencing is believing and we want you to experience a session of our GRE online coaching before you enrol.

GRE Practice Tests

If you need immediate information, our counsellors can be reached over Whatsapp, or if you want to take a free test, you could click here to request for a fully free online GRE test! If you want to look at some free resources, you can login to your preparation portal or you can simply browse through all the free resources available here.

GRE Information

If you want to just know more about the GRE, or international admissions, you can always contact us for getting admissions or browse through our GRE blog here!

Identifying the best GRE coaching centre

If you are on the lookout for the best GRE Coaching centre – you are objectively at the best place. It is not unusual for someone to look at the reviews on Google to find a good place. Even by that measure, First Academy is absolutely the best place. With hundreds of students giving us 5⭐ Reviews for being the best. But that is not the only measure. There are a lot of other factors you need to take into account. What are they? Read on to find out.

The best GRE coaching centres...

... are the ones with the best success rates. Many students might have gone to the place, but how successful are these students? What are their scores and what kind of universities did they actually get placed into? These are all questions that need answers. Look for these. Talk to earlier students of ask the counsellors about earlier students. For instance, at First Academy, it is not uncommon for our students to a 330+ in GRE. We have students being placed in top universities across the US and the world. Our GRE training program combined with our excellent international admissions team ensure all-round success.

A great GRE coaching centre is...

... also defined in part by how good the material is. If you are practicing from substandard material, it is only natural that your level practice will fall short on the day of the test. To ensure this does not happen, we at First Academy both create and curate the best of GRE content. From GRE Critical Reasoning sample questions to a free GRE mock test test that we encourage all our students to take, we take care of everything.

So, what are you waiting for? Attend a free session!

We would love for you to attend a free session to see how our sessions are designed and delivered. We know experiencing is believing and we want you to experience a session of our GRE online coaching before you enrol.

Course Duration and Hours

Our GRE Preparation course spans 180 hours. That includes intensive training of 60 hours along with 120 hours of practice. The 60 hours hours of coaching include training sessions for both the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning section of the GRE. Just like in the actual GRE, our coaching gives equal importance to both areas of the exam along with special focus on the AWA section.

To make it easy for the attendees, the sessions are further divided into bite sized chunks, detailing the different concepts that test-takers are tested on in the actual exam. These include concepts from arithmetic to vocabulary.

The GRE Verbal Section

The verbal section of GRE preparation course – in the general scheme of things – run for a period of 4 weeks. Each week focuses on a specific section of the test. One week looks at the areas of Analytical Writing Assessment and Critical Reasoning, while another looks at how to prepare for vocabulary. Of the remaining two weeks, one week is dedicated to understanding the concepts of Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence and the other to understanding the nuances of Reading Comprehension. This ensures that every student is familiar with all areas of the test.

The GRE Quantivative Section

For quant, the GRE preparation course takes a similar approach. However, the areas of greater difficulty – like probability, analysing graphs, and statistical methods, are given greater importance to ensure candidates can more accurately answer these questions than they would have without exposure to these sessions. This is done so since questions from these areas usually have greater weight than questions from other areas.

Should you wish to look at how our sessions are, we would love to accommodate you. Whatsapp and you can experience the how the best GRE preparation course is conducted by attending a live session – either online or offline.

First Academy’s GRE Coaching in Hyderabad is offered at two locations Ameerpet and Madhapur. You are free to choose which centre you wish to attend. Added to this there is also online coaching that can either supplement, complement, or supplant your regular GRE training. For those looking for GRE training in Hyderabad but are not able to attend the sessions at the First Academy premises, we also offer fully online training modules that are absolutely on par with our excellent and most reviewed classroom-based GRE training. Those who wish to do both can take advantage of attending any classes (online or offline) at any time they are available.

Our GRE coaching in Hyderabad is for a duration of 8 weeks. The same is the case for online training too. The training involves attending quantitative, verbal, and Analytical Writing assessment training. If you wish to complete you coaching classes in a shorter duration you also have the option of attending both classes in parallel. This will shorten the coaching duration by half! This will ensure that you can plan your exam and preparation based on when you wish to apply for universities.

For more information on GRE coaching in Hyderabad, we have our counsellors on stand-by to answer any questions you might have. Our training is comprehensive, adaptive, and intuitive. The trainers focus on long-term learning and techniques that are designed to enhance your understanding of the test along with imbuing you with a natural ability to unravel the purpose of the question and plan your response and solving techniques based on what you glean from the questions.

We invite all prospective test takers to attend a session for free to experience how different we are from the others! The session may be attended either online or in class depending on what you prefer the most or do both and see what suits you best!

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