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With one of the most qualified English faculty on board, First Academy is able to offer top-of-the-line tailor made courses for you. Be it for personal training for English tests or training batches of working professionals for internal exams or excellence in language, First Academy can help.

Let us know your requirements and we will tailor a course or create an exam just for your organisation that will meet all your expectations and then some. We offer personal training to individuals online too. Look at our courses page for detailed information on any of the courses or leave us a message.

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Questions about Personalised training

Our trainers and course developers understand your world and deliver exactly what you need. All our students and clients unhesitatingly recommend our services!

If you wish us to train you or your employees for a test that is not listed here, do call us or leave us a message and we will do our best to help you with it. Apart from the courses listed, we have helped candidates with CELTA, CPE, CAE, and BULATS among others.

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Here a few questions about our personalised training that people usually want to know the answers to. If your question isn’t answered here, you can always contact us and we will answer it for you!

Of course! Depending on the length of the programme, duratrion of the sessions, location, and the number of candidataes, training programmes could be arranged either in-house or on-site.

Yes. We have a full-fledged online testing facility that will allow us to customise and deploy online tests. If you have a specific requirement, please do get in touch with us and we will assist you!

No! Our personalised sessions are available both online and offline! We would be delighted to arrange for a personal session for you at our premises. We will help you chart a plan and a timetable too!

Absolutely! The whole purpose of personalised training is that. You can choose which sections you attend and when!

Oh yeah! 😀 We have had people from Australia, Morocco, Iran, Nigeria, and several other places come to us for training. If you wish to visit India for our training, we welcome you with unfettered delight. If you wish to train online, we can do that too! Let us help you get started!

If you wish to take up the classroom training for only one of the modules, you will not be paying the full fee. You will however be receiving the full set of material and access to the lab for the duration of your training! If you want to take up individual training, we will tailor the course and give you full details of the fee before you start the course.

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Relax. If you just want to talk to someone about the test, please free to call us, or visit us. We will always be ready to assist you! And talking to us is free. If you have a question about the test, we would love to answer it!

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Our trainers are widely regarded as the best trainers available anywhere in India. With top notch certifications from Cambridge, including GRADE A scores in tests like the CPE (the most advanced English language exam conducted by the Universty of Cambridge) you can be assured of training that is unparalleled.

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