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The Occupational English Test paradoxically owes its increasing popularity to IELTS. Many medical professionals who find getting the required score in IELTS find comfort in the fact that they can fall back on the OET, which is considered to be easier to score in than the IELTS is. In India, OET is conducted once each month. It is recommended that you register for the test at least 45 days in advance to ensure seat availability.


Owned by Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust (CBLAT), a venture between Cambridge English Language Assessment and Box Hill Institute, the OET is recognized by healthcare bodies and councils in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Dubai. The number of healtchare bodies that recognize the OET is constantly on the rise.

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The OET is available for 12 professions: dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing, Occupational therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Radiography, Speech Pathology, and Veterinary Science. If you do not fall into any of these streams, you simply take the Writing and Speaking sub-test for the field that is closest to yours.

The Listening and Reading sections are common to all professions, while the Writing and Speaking sections are both profession-specific.


Each of the four sub-tests that make up OET are graded A to E, where A is the highest grade and E is the lowest. There is no overall grade. The minimum requirement is a B grade in each sub-test. The test is available only 12 times a year in select cities in India. Just like most other English tests, OET scores are also valid for 2 years.

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Our Coaching

First Academy is the only institutes that provides author trainers for both online and classroom training for OET. Our trainers understand the requirements and nuances of the test, and thus are able to assist each trainee in understanding the test better and help each candidate score better.

The material provided is carefully aligned meet the exacting standards set by the OET. In many cases, the material is sourced from actual case studies, patient interactions, and peer reviewed articles for authenticity and accuracy.

As can be seen from the chart here, the total duration of the OET is 175 minutes. Which is more or less in-line with most English exams out there.

The OET test registration costs AUD587 (Australian Dollars) as on 3rd May 2019. Test happens once a month and requires you to book about 45 days in advance.

Test Structure and Duration

The following chart gives information about the duration of each of the OET sections in the order of their appearance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive your OET Timetable approximately two weeks before your Test Day. It will be emailed to you from your Test Venue and will include specific Venue details, including the exact Venue address. Please note that no changes can be made to your test dates once your the timetable has been issued.

You can see an overview of your latest test grades via your online profile on the OET website, approximately 16 business days after each test day. Official, hard copy Statements of Results are mailed within ten business days of the publication of results in online profiles.

Not fully correct. First time candidates are required take the full test. If you are need to retake the OET, please check with the relevant authority to see if they allow you to take individual sub-tests. Some professions require candidates to pass all four modules in one sitting, while other professions allow passing the test in modules.

If your profession is not one of the 12 listed above, you may choose to sit the OET test for the profession which is closest to your own. For example, sonography registrants may take the OET Radiography test. Take a look at the sample tests available at First Academy get some idea of the test content to see if it matches your field of specialisation.

We know OET can be a complex test to understand and figure out. Reading through all the material on OET will only lead to more confusion. If you however want to get a clearer picture, please do call us, and one of our OET specialists will assist you in the best way we could. If you are the in the same location as we are, you could walk into one of our offices and we will be glad to assist you!

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