Words, Speaking, Reading and More!

1. What is the purpose of this audio file? 
2. Why is there a text transcript?


  1. listen to the tape, then
  2. listen to the tape as you read the text
  3. note down the words you do not know
  4. figure out what they mean
  5. observe voice modulation
  6. record yourself reading the same thing
  7. notice the difference
  8. Yayy!



The aim of this exercise is to help you achieve a holistic understanding of the language. No matter what language you speak, there will always come a time where you will encounter words that you might not be familiar with, and in most such instances, you will not have time to be able to look at the meanings of these words.

You will have to figure out the meaning from the context. This is something that you will need to do a lot of in GRE. Reading this passage while understanding the tone will help you make more sense of passages that are full of unfamiliar words.

As for IELTS, you will need to be able to speak fluently if you are to score well in the speaking section. Fluent speaking involves speaking in a manner that it not monotonous, and flat. Trying to imitate the intonation of native / fluent speakers is one way to improve fluency. This exercise will also help you achieve the same!

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