Reading Comprehension – Sample Questions

This quiz has 10 questions. 
The suggested completion time is 20 minutes. 
The quiz is NOT timed.
This post is about both GRE and IELTS.

One of the most challenging aspects of IELTS is the reading comprehension section. It is either in the reading or the writing section of IELTS that most people fail to reach a score they want to achieve. In reading comprehesion, this is happens because candidates fail to understand the question and focus more only on the answer options.

In the GRE however, things take a slight U turn. The RC section (relatively speaking) is the easiest part. It does not present you with difficult words, and even if it does, knowing them meaning of the words is not always necessary. Getting a general sense of the why the word is there is more than enough.

While Coaching for GRE, the trainer should make sure the candidates undertstand the purpose behind the reading comprehension section of the GRE. While the RCs in IELTS aim to test a candidates ability to understand the meaning, the RCs in GRE look at something competely different.

Knowing and understanding this is vital to succeeding in GRE. The passage that follows looks at the purpose behind the questions and gives you hints as to how to tackle the most common question types you encounter in GRE and IELTS. If you are not able to attend the best coaching for GRE, you could always take advantage of the sample questions of the kind we discuss in our classes.


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