20 Academic Expressions – Vocabulary Resource

Here are 20 Expressions and words that you need to know to ace you exam.

Looking for that elusive 320 in GRE or that perfect 9 band in IELTS? Or just want that extra 20 points for immigration? Here are 20 expressions that will take you to your dream.

There are a few words and phrases that occur fairly commonly no matter what exam you take. Understanding these phrases will make it easy for your to crack the reading comprehension section or might just be able to help you understand the question better.

In many cases the fifteen expressions that follow are used in contexts where many questions appear. Be familiar with these and you will ace the competitive tests. GRE? Sure. IELTS? Certainly. PTE? Oh yes! CAT? Absolutely.

  1. stifle something (stifle journalistic opinions / stifle academic discourse / etc)
  2. empirical
  3. punitive
  4. contravene
  5. grapple
  6. constitute
  7. undermine something
  8. stringent regulation
  9. falsehoods
  10. enforcing legislations
  11. scientific progress
  12. falsified data
  13. raising concerns
  14. compromise civil liberties
  15. holding someone / something to account
  16. fail to comply
  17. holding someone more accountable
  18. deemed unflattering
  19. clamp down on something
  20. censoring someone’s opinion


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