Word Usage Quiz – Advanced

Want to take up the challenge that GRE offers? Want to see if you can make the cut, and get an admission into one of the top universities? You are in all probability already looking at learning a million words and then some.

And, if you are among the unlucky few, you have joined a GRE coaching that does not focus on things you need, then you would also be blissfully falling asleep in the session while wondering why you did not just buy a dictionary and stay the hell home.

At First Academy, we understand what the GRE is all about because we have taken the test, we have written books for the test and we have seen our students get awesome scores. So what is the secret sauce? The secret sauce is understanding. Our trainers do not just do it for the sake of doing it, they do it because they love the challenge the test poses and love to the challenge of finding ways of getting around those hurdles.

And one of the first bridges that you, as a test taker, need to cross is the difference between simply knowing the meaning of the word and understanding how to use the word. Every session of ours focuses on this aspect. Be it reading comprehension, or sentence completion or equivalence, understanding where a word fits is best and why it has to be a better answer than any other word is what we focus on.

The test that follows is one of our efforts to let you know that difference. If you have enjoyed the test, please take a look at our other tests. They are all free!


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