Writing Better Part 3

This quiz is the third installment of our eight part series focusing on sentence variety. Hope you find it enlightening! For those of you who have missed the first two tests, the links are at the page below!



Whom does writing not get down? In this 8 part series, we focus on the most dreaded area of English tests – the writing aspect. Though writing essays is something we have been doing since we were children, the moment it comes to writing for English tests, everything goes to the dogs.  If you haven’t realised, that is an idiom. From knowing idioms to understanding idiomatic expression, everything that we think we know about writing deserts us at the last moment. Sometimes, we all feel that it is just deserts. That is yet another idiom which means getting something we deserve.

While it is easy to think of something bad as something that we are reaping for something we have sowed earlier (this is an idiomatic expression, and not an idiom), it is taking the easy way out. It is finally just an excuse for not having worked hard enough on the language. If you want to make things really count and get a good score in the tests – IELTS, PTE, or whatever it is that is holding you immigration back, you will simply have to get your cummerbunds in order and start rolling up your sleeves and start getting at it dirty.

And if you are ready for that, this is the perfect place for you to start. If you are looking for the earlier tests, here are the links for them!

Sentence Variety – Test 1

Sentence Variety – Test 2



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