If building a massive vocabulary is what you are thinking about, you are not just in the majority you are also in the wrong. GRE does not test you on the meaning of words. Rather, it looks at your ability to place a given word in a certain context. While respond and react are both synonyms. A disease responding and reacting connotes two different meanings. This is one of the several ways GRE tests you on!

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The reading comprehension passages and sentence completion questions in the GRE are short but tricky. They often focus on secondary meanings of words that we think we know, but might no really do. For instance, the word stem when used as a verb could mean arise, and in yet another context mean to stop!

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Our GRE coaching trains you on how best to ace the GRE test – without having to learn thousands of words. They say our GRE coaching is the best, attend a session and you will know why! Attend the funnest GRE session on this side of the planet!

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Our Coaching

Our classroom training is for a period of 4 weeks (intensive short term) or 8 weeks (long term). The training includes sessions that prepare you for all the three sections of GRE. We are among the very select group of companies that understand and thoroughly prepare you to successfully attempt the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section of the GRE.

The course will include, but is not limited to:

  • Basic list of words that you need.
  • Vocabulary training
  • Words forms
  • Parts of speech
  • Relations between words
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Completion
  • Understanding and Using new words

Quantitative Aptitude will include exercises designed to help both the beginners and the advanced learners alike. Those from non-mathematics background might be pleased to know that GRE does not have any mathematics that an average Indian would not have done in school.

Personalized Training

Equally awesome personalised training sessions available upon request

Session Timings

8:30am – 10:30am
10:30am – 12:00noon

Session Duration

Short Term – 4 Weeks
Long Term – 8 Weeks

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Take a peek into what goes into our classes. Our top-notch material goes a long way into allaying your fears, developing your understanding of the test, and dispel the most common misconceptions that are associated with the GRE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While your GRE score is valid for 5 years. However, most universities recommend submitting scores that are no older than 3 years.

Yes. Rescheduling and or cancel your test registration no later than three full days before your test date. If you reschedule your test date, you will be charged a fee of US$50. If you cancel your test, you will receive a refund equivalent to half of your original test fee.

The fee as of now is $205 (as on July/August 2017)  – just like taxes, and expenses the fee also keeps going up pretty regularly.

The number of business schools accepting GRE is increasing rapidly. As of 2017, most major schools also accept GRE scores for their MBA programs.

You can find the most current list of universities here

After completing the test, you will see your unofficial scores for the Verbal and the Quant sections right at the test center. However, you will not be able to view your Analytical Writing score at the testing center. These will be updated in your ETS GRE portal in about 10 days.

Your official scores will be reported approximately 10 – 15 days after your test date.

Long enough to be taxing 😛

The total testing time for the computer-based test is around three hours and 45 minutes, plus short breaks.

The GRE test is conducted through the year. Anecdotally, the GRE is conducted around 250 times a year. As long as you plan a little in advance, getting a test date should not be too much of a challenge. (We have typed this in the second half of 2017. So, please correct for changes in situations 🙂 )

If you want to know the meaning of anecdotally, you could always look up on Google (second best option) or attend our brilliant GRE sessions (best option)!

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