Active and Passive Voice – For Writing and Speaking

Apr 17 2022


Active to passive conversions (or vice versa) are more than a grammar exercise that we do in school. While we are never taught the purpose of these conversions, knowing how to convert a sentence from active to passive and back is essential for being able to score well on the ‘Grammatical Range’ parameter of tests like PTE, IELTS, OET, and TOEFL.

Active and Passive Voice – For Writing and Speaking - First Academy
Grammatical range looks at the variety of sentences you can construct to convey precise meanings and opinions. This is helpful not just in the writing section, but also in the speaking section. For those who are taking the IELTS or PTE for immigration, getting a score of 7 in IELTS or a 70 in PTE becomes vital.

Understanding how to respond appropriately to questions in the speaking section, and doing so without being repetitive is a skill that needs constant polish. This exercise will help you understand where you are, at least in one particular aspect. This exercise is provided as a supplementary material to the best IELTS, PTE, and GRE coaching provided at First Academy.

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