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Digital SAT: English Conventions - Sample Questions

Apr 13 2023



Here are some sample questions that give you an understanding of questions that appear in the new version of the Digital SAT.

English Conventions in Digital SAT

To embark upon the arduous journey of mastering the SAT Writing and Language section, one must first understand the intricacies of English conventions. This includes not only an adept grasp of grammatical rules, but a comprehensive understanding of punctuation, syntax, and style. To navigate these subtleties, one must employ a rigorous methodology, replete with diligent practice and exhaustive analysis of written texts. One must cultivate a discerning eye for linguistic patterns, identifying the subtle nuances that distinguish exceptional writing from mediocrity. Armed with this knowledge, one can craft prose that is not only grammatically sound, but stylistically impeccable. So, embark upon this noble endeavour with tenacity and an unwavering commitment to excellence, and success will surely be within reach.

The test includes questions that ask students to identify and correct errors in sentence structure and usage, including subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, verb tense, and idiomatic expressions. It also includes questions on punctuation, including comma usage, apostrophes, and semicolons.

In addition to identifying errors, students may also be asked to improve the clarity, coherence, and effectiveness of a given passage by revising sentence structure, eliminating redundancies, and selecting appropriate transition words and phrases.

Overall, the English conventions section of the SAT assesses a student's ability to use standard written English effectively, and to recognize and correct errors in their own writing as well as in the writing of others.


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