Sample Questions

GRE Critical Reasoning

Apr 17 2022


Here is a sample test of GRE Critical Reasoning questions. Critical Reasoning questions contain a short to medium length paragraph. This paragraph is called the argument (Yes, it similar to those you see in the argument task!). The argument is followed by a question and five answer choices.

GRE Critical Reasoning - First Academy

Unlike the argument task in the AWA section of the GRE, which expects you to identify all the flaws presented, a Critical Reasoning question is more focused. It expects you to respond to the situation presented. Quite often, two or more answer choices are close in meaning. In such a case, you are expected to choose one that fits best. The wrong answer choice usually has one point missing or has a subtle, undoing flaw.

The following test presents you with a set questions that give a fair representation of skills that you need to successfully crack these questions.



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