GRE Critical Reasoning Questions

Feb 03 2023



Critical reasoning questions are one of the most overlooked question types in GRE. This post looks at a few questions of the kind that you encounter in the GRE test.

Critical reasoning is very important in the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), as it is one of the three main sections tested on the exam. The critical reasoning section assesses your ability to analyze and evaluate arguments, and it plays a significant role in determining your overall score on the exam. As such, it is essential to spend adequate time preparing for this section, developing strong critical thinking skills, and practicing with GRE-style critical reasoning questions.

These questions typically present a short argument or passage, and then ask you to answer questions about the argument's structure, assumptions, and conclusion. Some common types of questions you may encounter include:

  • Identifying the main conclusion of an argument
  • Evaluating the strength of an argument
  • Identifying assumptions made in an argument
  • Determining whether additional information is necessary to evaluate an argument
  • Drawing conclusions based on information presented in an argument
  • Identifying flaws or weaknesses in an argument
  • Predicting the outcome of a situation based on information presented in an argument

In general, the critical reasoning questions on the GRE require you to think critically and logically about the information presented, and to evaluate the argument based on its strengths and weaknesses.


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