GRE Reading Comprehension Test

The GRE Reading Comprehension Section

This section of the GRE looks at three question forms.

  1. The multiple choice question – There are five answer choices from which you have to pick one
  2. The select any question – Three answer choices are presented. You are expected to choose all the correct answers.
  3. Select a sentence – A question is presented and you are asked to choose a sentence from a selected area of the text that best satisfies the conditions in the question.

These question look at testing your ability to understand several key elements. Being able to make inferences, linking referents, and understanding the context are three major areas. The questions in the test below look at each of these skills. They language is also are an indicator of what you can expect in the real GRE Reading Comprehension section.  While the scores might not be a perfect indicator of your ability, they are bound to give you a fair idea of what you may expect.

Also, please remember that the test can sometimes throw surprises. If you are having a particularly bad day, the kind of passages you get might make it worse. So, what is the advice?, you might ask. The advice is simple. When preparing for the GRE reading comprehension section, it is not wrong to trust in god, but at the same time, you must tie your camel. 😉

If you did not understand the previous analogy, you should probably try using Google!


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