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Habits of Successful People

Apr 17 2022


Habits of Successful People - First Academy

There is no single definition of success. Here, most people would like to define it as a score of 7 or above in IELTS. But the reality is that the majority end up getting ordinary scores.

Hundreds of highly successful IELTS students say the following habits helped them get ahead, both in IELTS and in life.  Here are the recommended life choices that can radically alter your life.

Take Risks 🚀
Do not be afraid to fail. If you are attending a session, do not hold back. Give answers If they are correct, fantastic. If they are wrong, you will learn more. It is always better to be wrong in a controlled environment than going wrong in the exam. All our trainers encourage you to ask questions and give answers, because they all believe in the power of learning from mistakes. If you want to succeed, you will need to push limits.

Stop Binging on Series 📺

You might think that a couple hours of shows help you unwind. That is close to 14 hours a week. Imagine what would happen if you used that time to patiently reading a book. Pick a small book. There are several small ones you could pick. Books will also help you fall asleep better. This could transform your thoughts and your body will thank you for a good nights sleep. (Also, all the new sentence structures and words that you could come across!)

Block Information Overload 🛑
It is common for students to practice long and hard. This is possibly the WORST thing you could do to yourself. Remember, learning works best if you give it time. Do no more than one test a day. Understand where you are going wrong. Over practice is not going to do you good. Understanding your mistakes is what works best. One writing task a day. One reading passage a day. One listening a day. And then, go over where you have gone wrong the next day. It will always be a fresh perspective. Practice every alternate day, learn every other day.

One Fun Thing 🎊
It is important to keep your brain active. The best way is to let yourself smile, make a joke, or take a joke on yourself. When you are not smiling or laughing, your brain is less receptive. Having a pleasant expression, and looking at things in a positive light is proven to boost learning tremendously. So, loosen up, and cheer up. No one likes people with serious faces!


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