IELTS Pen and Paper Test Dates

Pen and Paper Test Dates are Open!

A lot of us still prefer the traditional medium when taking tests. We want the comfort of the routine. We like the feel of going to a place, seating ourselves and then getting a set of question papers. Nothing sets us up for an exam like a physical question paper does. Well, you are not alone. And, by the looks of it, a lot of people have been waiting and requesting for it – and looks like our good old British Council has finally given in.

Starting July 25th 2020 (a very auspicious day), British Council has started pen and paper tests in select locations. Hyderabad and Delhi/Gurgaon/Gurugram are two of the lucky areas where the tests are now available in the traditional format.

If you want to book a test date, you can go to the usual IELTS websites, or  you can simply call First Academy, and we can help book a date for you!

Getting Ready

Nothing says we are ready to take the exam like taking a full length sample test. Taking a full-fat, no discount sample test will give you an idea of what the test demands from you. You will know if you are ready to focus of the length of the test. Remember, IELTS is a long test (more than 3 hours) and being mentally and physically prepared for it is very important.

Free Resources

So, apart from taking a test at home, you could always take a free sample test (in premises) or online with First Academy. If you want to request for a free mock test, you can simply click here:

Request for Evaluated Mock Test

The test also gives an overview of your writing scores. We know that getting a 7 in writing, or for some, a 7.5 in writing is vital. For those of you who need to understand what writing is all about, or, if you are retaking the test because of low writing scores, a good place to begin your re-preparation for the test.

About Writing

How is writing evaluated? It is easy to talk about Band Descriptors, but having a clear explanation of how an examiner looks at your writing task is equally important. At First Academy, we pride ourselves in being the best in guaranteeing a CLB-9 in IELTS. Our writing evaluations are top of the line. We have had the opportunity to help over 25000 candidates from over 18 countries over the past 20 years to secure the IELTS score of their dreams.

You may take a look at a writing evaluation sample here:

The evaluation has 4 pages. Please do scroll through
First Academy - Writing Evaluation

For any questions, or for taking some free test, you could always visit out prep-site at:

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