Life is Hard – So is Reading Comprehension



Life and Reading Comprehension

We get it. Life is hard. but then, the same could be said of reading comprhension. It does not matter which reading comprehension you are talking about. It could be PTE, IELTS, GRE, or even the French or the German exam that you are taking.

There are more similarities between life and reading comprehension that you could care to shake a stick at. What are those, you ask?

The Devil (or God, if you are so inclined) is in the details.

Quite often, it is the little things that matter when you are looking at a passage. The difference between a little and little can quite often spell doom. These could decide on whether you are prescribing a live saving or a life altering medicine to your patient, if you are doctor taking the OET reading comprehesion test.

You know the solution but you do not know the answer.

Many questions in reading comprehension put you in the same spot. You know the question, you know the answer, but the answer that you know does not seem to be a part of the answer options at all. Stumped? We get you. This is what the GRE does with test takers. The answer options can get so abstruse that you do not know if you have signed your soul away to the devil or if he did his to you.

Was it the same sentence you have just read?

Quite often you end up reading the same sentence over and over again and it still barely makes any sense. You are so wound up on the garden path that before you realise, you are just on the first sentence while the clock tells you that you should be in the last sentence, that too of the next passage. Managing time can be an absolute nightmare in any reading comprehension test you take.

If you have felt any of these things, welcome to the club. Take the test, and have fun!

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