Newspaper and Internet - IELTS Band 9 Writing Sample

Apr 17 2022


Newspaper and Internet - IELTS Band 9 Writing Sample - First Academy

Sample Response

Developing technology has revolutionized the world. Many believe that people will no longer consider buying newspapers or books since all the information is now freely available online. I do not entirely agree with this, since printed material has some characteristics that would help it remain popular despite technological advancements.

Nowadays, obtaining any information easy. Many websites and apps provide valuable, well-designed content for free. For example, most news channels provide free apps which give news updates for free. This pulls readers away from reading printed material. Considering printed media is not free, there is a strong chance that people might shift from their age-old tradition of reading printed material to screen reading.

However, we are all creatures of habit. We are used to reading books and newspapers, and do not find it easy to abandon them. For most people having a physical connection with the media is an important part of their reading experience. This can be understood from the reality that most Indian households, still pay for news dailies. Here, it is not the price that matters. It is contentment.

In conclusion, while technology has made more information available for free, it has not yet succeeded in changing how we interact with the world around us. Hence, it is more than likely that the popularity of books and newspapers will continue well into the future. It is only when digital media can successfully replicate the connection we feel with printed material will succeed in becoming a threat to the survival of print media.

Word Count: 251


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