OET Exam Awareness

Apr 17 2022


OET Exam Awareness - First Academy

Hope you have all had a great Valentine's day! ????Especially the cardiologists among you! ????

We get a lot of queries about coaching for OET, and unsurprisingly, many who wish to take coaching only want to do so because they are not always aware of the nuances of the test. They have command over language in general, and they have been dealing with patients and already know what it is to be a medical professional.

However, the fact that they would be soon taking a test, no matter how simple, somehow causes jitters. The consequence - a frantic search for a training centre that will provide the best coaching for OET.

???? Before you do that

It is fairly easy to start training, and easier still to get lost in the tight schedules wondering when you will ever get to sleep, with all the things you have taken upon yourself. There is the coaching classes, there are the patients, and all the mental worries your profession ensures you have - the result - sleeplessness and whatelse not.

????Sit back and relax

Before you jump the gun and enrol, just take the series of tests we have created for you. These will help you find direction and at the same time dispel any misconceptions you might have about the test. And as for the score - do not worry - take the test that follows and read through the rest of the post after having done that.

???? Not yet at a full score?

Does not matter. The test was not designed to give you a full score. it was only designed to make you think, and if you have any questions, you can always attend a ???? session with us and ask our trainers these questions - they will be delighted to help you.

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