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Jun 15 2022


Our online IELTS test has helped over 20K students get a high bandscore this year! Take the test now!

Online IELTS Test - First Academy

Choose an exam type.

You can choose between the following two options:
1) General Training (GT): This option is for those who are primarily looking to migrate. It includes all four modules of the test.
2) Academic Module (AC): This option is for those who wish to be open to both options mentioned.

You can register for the Online IELTS Test here.

Take the test.

If you need any help with the test, feel free to contact us. We also have different variations of the Free IELTS online practice test. We also provide you with a detailed writing evaluations with some versions of the test. This will help you understand how you did and where you need to improve.

Review your results.

Depending on the test you take, you will receive an email / SMS / prompt on the webpage when the results are ready. You will have an understanding of your performance.

Study with our tips.

We offer some tips to help you pass the exam. These tips are based on our own experiences as well as those of other students who passed the exam. To find these tips, you can join our telegram channel or take a look at our blog. You will have most updates here free of cost!


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