Request – Daari Choodu – Lyrics Translation – Telugu to English

Dec 07 2021


The super-hit song from the movie Krishnaarjuna Yuddham (The fight between Krishna and Arjuna – two main protagonists in the Indian epic Mahabharata) was an immediate and a massive hit. It was written and sung by Penchal Das. Despite it being in Telugu, many Telugu speakers fail to understand and appreciate it thanks to most phrases being exclusive to the particular dialect it has been written in. Here is a rough translation of the song.

If there are any correction and improvements, we would love to hear from you!

Dhaari Choodu Dhummu Choodu Maama
Look at the road, look at the dust (that is being raised) my friend  

Dhunnapothula Berey Choodu (x2) 
Look at the line of bulls (useless men) going in a line…

Kamalapoodi KamalapoodiKattamindha Maama
Kanne pillala Jorey Choodu (x2)

Look at the high jinks of the young girls on the town(kamalapudi)’s waterlocks (village women usually gather on the banks of a village waterbody to collect water and exchange town gossip, and for passing time) 

Bulugu Chokkaa Yesinavaadaa Pillaga
Hey young man in the blue shirt…

Chilaka Mukku Chinnaavaadaa (x2)
You are one really pretty boy, aren’t you? (chilaka mukku – literally the nose of a parrot – an expression used to describe a good looking young man)

Chakkani Chukka Chakkani Chukka
Pretty girl, pretty girl…

Dhakkey Choodu Dhakkey Choodu Maama
You got her my friend… 

Chitra Kannu Konteyvaada (x3)
You, the naughty boy with a twinkle in your eye..

Medaloni Kurraadhaanni Pillaga
Mugguloki Dimpinaavuu (x2)

You have made the girl in the castle fall for you…

Ninnu Kori Ninnu Koru Vanneylaadi Lailla Kota Dhaati Peta jereey!
And seeking you, the pretty lass and moved out of the castle into the street.

Kurasa Kurasa Adavilonaa pillagaa
In the forest full of short trees…

Kuriseney Gaandhari Vaana (x2)
A beautiful rain has begun… (indicating romantic weather)

Ekkarani Ekkarani Kondalekki Maama
Premaloona Chikkinaavuu (x2)
You have scaled mountains you were not supposed to 
And got caught up in love.

Poola Chathri Pattukoni pillaga
Ooru Vaada thoduraaga (x2)
While you were walking on the streets under your
Flowery parasol, everyone followed you

Jantagaaney Jantagaaney Koodinaru Maama
chaluva pandiri needa kinda(x2)
You (the pair of you) finally came together under the
Cool canopy (of flower or trees usually in a garden or a field)

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