Using Idioms – Quiz

The only problem with my sister is that she is always splitting hairs.

Does it mean that she’s a hair dresser? Or does her hair have split ends, and that she needs to visit a salon or a hairdresser? Not really. Expressions of this kind have become part of everyday English, and have naturally filtered into language that is used in tests. If you are not aware of what these expressions mean, there is a danger of you misunderstanding what has been presented.

The  12 idioms listed here all fall into this category. Be it GRE or IELTS, be it reading comprehension exercises or getting a good score in speaking and writing, these idioms and expressions will definitely help!


In our previous post, we have looked at some of the most commonly used idioms in newspapers. Continuing with the trend, we will look at some idioms that are commonly used in tests across the world. These are idioms that are not  generally considered idioms because they have become such a integral part of everyday expressions. Do not leave home without these!

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