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IELTS - Writing Task 2 - Band 9 Sample

Apr 17 2022


IELTS Real Exam question about arts and school. Here is a Band 9 response.

IELTS - Writing Task 2 - Band 9 Sample - First Academy

Research clearly indicates that children all over the world are suffering a decline in the arts education they receive. It has been found that a narrowing curriculum, pressure on school budgets and the demands of national tests are all contributing to this decline. so the question is, is it all worth it?

Some believe that it is. They feel arts are an essential basis for the development of a civilised society. They believe educating the young in arts will give a new dimension to their lives, greatly enriching both their lives and relationships. This should reason enough, they argue, for arts to be more extensively taught. Added to this is the argument that creative talent is a precious national resource and to enhance this, the government must act to ensure that the arts are at the heart of every child’s education.

Yet there are others who feel that the competition that is already on the rise does not leave space for art. They associate art with a laid-back attitude, hunger and poverty. They also assume that art careers only lead into painting, drawing, and animation where, getting into large companies like Pixar or Disney requires years of practice on various forms of art, which is, quite truthfully, not within the ken of everyone.

While they are correct in thinking so, they do not realise that art is, and is in, everything. We might not call it art, but it is. From the cars we drive - which were designed by someone, to the chair we sit on - which has also been designed by someone, everything needs art and this art needs artists. Art makes life more appealing, and in the end, we all seek an appealing life. So why not start at the very beginning of our lives? How is that not necessary?

Word Count: 300



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