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Band 9 Writing Gas-Cooled-Nuclear-Reactor

Apr 17 2022


Understand how to describe a diagram. Focus on how the information is clearly organised. Helpful for both IELTS (Writing Task 1) and PTE (Describe a Diagram)

Band 9 Writing Gas-Cooled-Nuclear-Reactor - First Academy

A gas-cooled nuclear reactor has two parts - a reactor and a heat exchanger.

The the reactor is a box of concrete radiation shielding. Two ducts connect the reactor to a heat exchanger.

There is a pressure vessel in the reactor which contains several Uranium Fuel Elements embedded withing graphite moderators. These moderators are suspended from boron control rods which through charge tubes. These tubes are used for loading fuel elements.

The heat exchanger is a cylindrical container with a curved cooling tube running along its length. The tube takes in water and lets out steam into a turbo alternator.

The hot gas from the reactor goes into the heat exchanger via the hot gas duct at the top. The water passing through the cooling tube cools these hot gases. This action turns water into steam which is let out into a turbo-alternator.

The cooled gas which accumulates at the bottom of the heat exchanger is pushed back into the reactor by a gas blower.

The process continues.

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