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IELTS Band 9 sample 8 - Task 2

Apr 17 2022


IELTS Band 9 sample 8 - Task 2 - First Academy

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Here is the sample response:

Today, there seem to be many new kinds of youth crime like vandalism and anti-social behaviour. To understand these crimes we need to look at how society is changing.

Over the years there has been an increase in the number of lone parent families, young parent families and families with both parents working long hours. Many families are unable to provide adequate parenting time to their children, either because of not being there or being too tired when they are.

Furthermore, due to a lack of government funding, many community centres, recreation parks and youth clubs have been closed; resulting in there being fewer places for children to go than there used to be. Similarly, there has been an increase in alcohol and drug related crime amongst youngsters.

A major factor is children having nothing to do. It seems youths are turning to alcohol and drugs as a means to escape their boredom. This in turn leads them to do things which they would not if they had something constructive to do with their spare time.

In these situations, it is the duty of teachers to identify and recognise the children at risk and for schools to provide lessons and group discussions on the effects of youth crime and anti-social behaviour; as well as the terrible effects of drugs and alcohol.

Furthermore it is up to community councils to ensure there are proper facilities for young people, such as youth clubs or social centres, giving them somewhere to go after school; as well as encouraging parents to take an enthusiastic role in these projects in order to keep their children active, safe and out of trouble.

To sum up, society is changing, but so too are the needs of children. It is now necessary for society to provide suitable distractions for young people to keep them out of trouble and away from crime.

Word Count:315

Things about vocabulary you would do well to know:

1. recreation fun, entertainment

2. lone alone

3. means methods

4. spare extra


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