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GRE Pool of Issue Topics

May 23 2023



Here is a full download of the GRE pool of issue topics along with an outline of the 9 major areas that GRE covers in the Issue task of the Analytical Writing Assessment

What Should I do in an Issue Task?

These topics are designed to assess the test taker's ability to analyse and articulate complex ideas, develop arguments, and express their thoughts effectively in writing. The GRE issue topics cover various domains such as education, science and technology, arts and culture, politics, social issues, and more. They often present a particular statement or claim that the test taker needs to evaluate critically or take a position on.

What Type of Questions Can I Expect?

The GRE pool of issue topics covers a broad range of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Education: These topics often focus on aspects of education such as curriculum, teaching methods, standardized testing, and the role of educators in society.

  • Science and Technology: Issues related to scientific research, technological advancements, ethical implications of scientific discoveries, and the impact of technology on society frequently appear in this category.

  • Arts and Culture: Topics in this area explore the significance of artistic expression, the role of the arts in society, cultural preservation, and the influence of popular culture.

  • Politics and Government: These topics address political systems, governance, policy-making, international relations, civil liberties, democracy, and the role of citizens in the political process.

  • Social Issues: This category covers a wide array of topics related to social justice, inequality, diversity, discrimination, human rights, social welfare, and societal norms.

  • Ethics and Morality: Topics in this area delve into ethical dilemmas, moral reasoning, personal and professional ethics, and the conflicts between individual values and societal expectations.

  • Health and Medicine: Issues concerning healthcare policies, medical ethics, public health initiatives, medical research, and the impact of advancements in medicine may be included in this category.

  • Environment and Sustainability: Topics related to environmental conservation, climate change, sustainable development, renewable energy, and environmental policies often fall under this area.

  • Economics and Business: These topics explore economic principles, market dynamics, business ethics, entrepreneurship, globalization, and the impact of economic policies on society.
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It's important to note that the GRE pool of issue topics is not limited to these areas, and the actual topics may vary over time as new issues emerge.

Should I Present a Solution?

For the Issue topic, you are not required to present a solution to the issue presented in the essay prompt. You need to analyse the issue critically. Your task is to develop an argument in response to the issue by providing reasons and evidence to support your position. While you may propose potential solutions or alternative approaches to the problem, it is not mandatory. The primary focus should be on presenting a well-reasoned argument.

Where can I find the Pool of Issue Topics?

Right here! While the list of topics is also available on the GRE Official website, you need to have to go there. You can download the current pool (as on the date of the post) right here.

GRE Pool of Issue Topics
Here is where you can download the GRE pool of issue topics!

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