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IELTS - Writing Task 1 - Letter Band 9 Sample

Aug 08 2022


IELTS - Writing Task 1 - Letter Band 9 Sample - First Academy

You work at an office and you need new equipment to do your job well; write to your manager about this. In your letter:

  • explain about the equipment you need
  • say why you need it
  • say what you want the manager to do

Dear Mr. Smith,
I am writing to you to formally present my request for a new, anti-microbial water dispenser for our floor.

Over the last few months we have seen an alarming increase in the number viral infections in the office. While I am no medical professional, anecdotal evidence points to our existing water dispenser as a potential culprit.

While the dispenser is functional, it is badly in need of replacement with a newer model. The newer model of the same machine now comes with anti-microbial functions that would go a long way in doing our bit to protect the health of those who are contributing to the growth of the company.

We would all be delighted if you could approve the purchase order for the machine at the earliest. I am enclosing a list of phone number of the suppliers along with price quotes with this letter.

I hope you find these useful.

Ray Pierce

Word count: 154



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