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Money and Happiness - High Vocabulary Essay

May 02 2022


Here is a high-scoring essay with top-level vocabulary, phrases, connecting words and flawless use of language. Note how the ideas flow smoothly from one to another without obvious use of keywords.

Money and Happiness - High Vocabulary Essay - First Academy


Some people believe that money is the most important factor for achieving happiness. However, others believe that happiness has nothing to do with money. Agree or disagree?

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Previous research has already established that, on average, wealthy people experience happier, more meaningful lives. However, we need a more nuanced question: Does meaning predict happiness, regardless of wealth?

The search for meaning is woven tightly into the pursuit of a life well lived. Far from a philosophical abstraction, meaning often predicts life satisfaction and happiness. It is considered even more important than prestige, pleasure, or money.

Meaning and happiness are rarely totally separate. In general, meaningful experiences make people feel happy. For example, spending time with friends, buying gifts for others, and celebrating success can be both meaningful and enjoyable. Finding meaning in life is therefore usually a good way to boost happiness.

To the possible disappointment of most of us who do not have enough money, research establishes that wealthy people have happier and more meaningful lives than those with lower incomes. This indicates money can buy both meaning and happiness, provided it is done right — for instance, by investing in experiences .

So does money affect happiness? One way to look at it is, for the wealthy, whose basic needs are met, meaning might be important for happiness. They have the resources to pursue grand, meaningful experiences. Another perspective is that, meaning may be less important, because they can pursue happiness in other ways - through fancy possessions and a highfalutin lifestyle.

Research suggests that meaning is less important for the wealthy. This however does not mean that they are struggling to find meaning. It is probably that they do not need meaning because their vast resources minimise stress and their money allows them to afford happiness-enhancing experiences and hobbies.

Regardless of wealth, one should invest in happiness like family and social relationships. Some of the free stuff is also vital to happiness, but money sure does make things easy.



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