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OET Writing Sample 2

Jun 28 2022


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OET Writing Sample 2 - First Academy

OET Writing Sample Question


Assume that today's date is 30 June 2022
Mrs Olivia Grant is a patient in your general practice who is concerned about her glucose level control.


Name:    Mrs Olivia Grant
DOB:       08 Feb 1963 (Age 59)

Address:71 Seaside Street, Newton

Social Background:
Married 40 years – 3 adult children, 5 grandchildren (overseas).
Retired (clerical worker).

Fanmily History:
Many relatives with type 2 diabetes
Nil else significant
Medical History:
2002 – type 2 diabetes
Nil significant, no operations
Allergic to penicillin
Menopause 12 yrs
Never smoked, nil alcohol
No formal exercise

Current Drugs:
Metformin 500mg 2x /day
Glipizide 5mg 2x/morning
No other prescribed, OTC, or recreational

05 Jan 2022:

Concerned that her glucose levels are not well enough controlled – checks levels often (worried?)
Attends health centre – feels not taking her concerns seriously Recent blood sugar levels (BSL) 6-18
Checks BP at home
Last eye check October 2019 – OK Wt steady, BMI 24 App good, good diet
Bowels normal, micturition normal

Full physical exam: NAD BP 155/100
No peripheral neuropathy; pelvic exam not performed
Pathology requested: FBE, U&Es, creatinine, LFTs, full lipid profile, HbA1c Medication added: candesartan (Atacand) tab 4mg 1x/morning
Review 2 weeks

22 Jan 2022
Pathology report received:
FBE, U&Es, creatinine, LFTs in normal range GFR > 60ml/min
HbA1c 10% (very poor control)
Lipids: Chol 6.2 (high), Trig 2.4, LDLC 3.7

30 Jan 2022
Review of pathology results with Pt Changes in medication recommended
Metformin regime changed from 500mg x2/day to 750mg 2x/day
Atorvastatin (Lipitor) 20mg 1x/morning added Glipizide 5mg 2x/morning
Review 2 weeks

15 Feb 2022
Home BP in range Sugars improved
Pathology requested: fasting lipids, full profile

21 Feb 2022
Pathology report received: Chol 3.2, Trig 1.7, LDLC 1.1

07 Mar 2022
Pathology report reviewed with Mrs Sharma
Fasting sugar usually in 16+ (high) range
Other blood sugars 7-8
Refer to specialist at Diabetes Unit for further management of sugar levels

Writing Task:

Using the information in the case notes, write a letter of referral referral to Dr Jones, an endocrinologist at City Hospital, for further management of Mrs Grant’s sugar levels. Address the letter to Dr Liam Jones, Endocrinologist, City Hospital, Edenburg.

In your answer:
●    Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences
●    Do not use note form
●    Use letter format
The body of the letter should be approximately 180–200 words.


Dr Liam Jones
City Hospital

30 June 2022

Dear Dr Jones

Re: Mrs Olivia Grant, DOB 08.2.1963

Thank you for seeing Mrs Olivia Grant, a type 2 diabetic, for further management of her blood sugar levels.

Mrs Grant was diagnosed with NIDDM in 2002. She has been monitoring her BP and sugar levels at home since then. She has a strong family history of diabetes and is allergic to penicillin. Her weight is steady (BMI of 24) and an eye examination in October 2019 indicated no issues.

She initially presented on 05/01/22 concerned that her blood sugar levels were no longer well controlled. Her BP that day was 155/100 and her recent sugar levels were ranging between 6 and 18mmol/L. Her medication included metformin 500mg twice a day and glipizide 5mg twice in the morning. I instituted Atacand 4mg once in the morning.

A pathology report received on 22/01/22 showed HbA1c levels of 10% and GFR greater than 60ml/min. Her cholesterol was high (6.2).

On 30/01/22, I prescribed Lipitor 20mg in the morning. I also increased her metformin regime to 750mg twice daily. Since then, her home-monitored BP has been within range and her cholesterol has fallen to 3.2. Her non-fasting blood sugars are 7-8mmol/L, but her fasting blood sugar levels are usually in the 16+ range, which is high. Therefore, I am referring her to you for your specialist advice.

Yours sincerely,
Dr.Dougie Houser



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