Paraphrase – Understanding – ????

Apr 17 2022


The test is in 4 Parts. Answer the questions as you listen. Fill in the answers in the blanks below!

Audio :

The full PDF of the test is available here:

Paraphrasing refers to the restructuring on language / sentences in such a way that the meaning remains the same while the form changes. This is an important language skill. In listening and reading, several questions test your ability to understand paraphrase. In the listening section of many tests the words you hear might be completely different from the words you see in the question. This does not mean you are on the wrong question. It only means that the question has only paraphrased the speakers’ words.

For instance, the speaker might say it looks overcast today, I wonder if I should carry an umbrella. The question might talk about the chances of rain. You need to understand from the context that overcast and umbrella indicate there might be rain. This is something that is frequently tested in the more challenging sections of listening. If you are someone who is looking to score an 8 in the listening section or at the very least a B in OET, this becomes and important skill to possess. 

The same is the case with the speaking section. It is not always good to repeat a part of the question while giving an answer. Knowing the different ways in which you could construct a sentence that says the same thing differently (see what we did there) is something that can fetch you a good score.

As always, please remember, paraphrasing is not the same as replacing a one word with another word and then making a complete fool of oneself! ????????. A clear window is not the same as a pellucid window. 

Knowing the meaning of the word is not the same as being able to use the word correctly!

Happy listening!


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