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Children Becoming Responsible Citizens

May 31 2023


Some people believe that parents are responsible for children growing into responsible citizens. Others think that teachers should do this. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Here are 2 Band 9 sample responses for this question. Learn high-level vocabulary and phrasing that will take your score in LR towards Band 9 without any difficulty. Understand phrasing and contextual word use.

Sample Response 1

It is widely agreed that shaping children into responsible citizens should be a joint responsibility of both parents and teachers.

On one side, a parent's role in a child's life is vital to their development into socially responsible individuals by providing them with the necessary skills and values to succeed in life and society. Through nurturing relationships and a strong home environment, such as providing moral guidance and displaying positive behaviour around them, parents can help build a foundation for respecting others and the wider world.

On the other side of the argument, teachers can also play an important role, since they are able to act not only as educators but also as role models. Teachers spend vast amounts of time with students on a regular basis, and thus can have a significant influence on them as they mature. By providing an encouraging environment, in which respect for each other is fostered, and educating about wider issues such as global responsibility, teachers are able to reinforce the moral lessons already taught at home.

In my opinion, both parents and teachers should take an active role in forming young people into responsible citizens of their respective communities. I believe that the family has an integral role in instilling basic principles of respect and consideration for others, enabling children to benefit from strong foundations for their education later on.

Additionally, teaching staff can offer the essential stimulus for children to develop into model citizens through inspirational teaching styles, teaching appropriate skills such as critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills. Therefore it is important that both roles are combined to ensure that students are learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Sample Response 2

The debate over who holds the most responsibility for helping to shape young people into responsible citizens is a contested issue among many.

On the one hand, some proponents of the belief that parents are primarily responsible for this task argue that parents set the foundations for children by instilling important values and principles at an early age. This, they claim, gives children a lifelong framework of understanding their role in society and how they can behave accordingly.

However, others believe that it is teachers who should take on this responsibility. Supporters of this view suggest that teachers have the knowledge and expertise to provide substantive guidance to young learners, which allows them to develop effective skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.

In my opinion, I believe both parents and teachers have a responsibility to ensure young people grow into responsible citizens. Parents should lay the groundwork in terms of key values, while also cultivating personal relationships with children that allow them to understand their place in society.

At the same time, teachers have an important role in educating children about societal values and regulations, enabling them to identify how their actions can impact those around them. Through a combination of parental guidance and educational instruction, young people can be well-equipped to become active and responsible citizens in their communities.

So, is there a clear answer? While logic can dictate the path both ways, the only objective answer is that, how a child turns out is dependent on so many variables that it is impossible to surely say one approach is better.



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