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IELTS Band 9 sample 4 - Task 2

Apr 17 2022


IELTS Band 9 sample 4 - Task 2 - First Academy

Here is an analysis of the question

Here is the sample response:

Technology is an increasingly important part of today’s classrooms. But is it helping provide children with the skills they need for the jobs of the future or disconnecting them from the world around them?

A recent report suggests there could be a detrimental effect, finding that computers in classrooms are being linked with a decline in test results for maths, science and reading. Elsewhere, iPads are being blamed for a decline in handwriting ability; and some claim attention spans are being eroded by constant use of technology.

However, when used innovatively with the right teacher training and infrastructure support, technology can open up new ways of learning and bolster core skills. Technology can be like “chocolate coated broccoli” - dull and unhelpful learning approaches disguised with whizzy sound and colour effects.

While many schools are exploring the use of technology to encourage skills considered valuable for the workplace, the question is whether this supports the development of other skills such as understanding, reviewing and redrafting cohesive texts.

There are also schools that are shunning technology completely to refocus on practical skills and cultivating creativity. These schools claim that digital skills are easy to pick up and that many of their graduates now have careers in the computer industry.

In my opinion, while handwriting and comprehension skills are important, it is qualities such as creativity that should be fiercely protected, with or without the use of technology. Eventually, it comes back to the way technology is integrated into the classroom. It should only be used to go beyond what can be done on paper.

Word Count:263

Things about vocabulary you would do well to know:

1. cohesive well connected, working well as a unit

2. erode gradually destroy

3. attention span the length of time attention is held

4. fierce strong (in the context of this response)

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