Tensing the Tense Tendons

The title is an example of an alliteration. 
Alliteration is when the first letters or 
sounds of a multiple wordsare repeated. 
In some cases, use of alliteration can make 
your speech,or language interesting.
Just do not over do it! ;)

Now, over to the quiz!



No matter the test you are taking, what matters is understanding the question well. Sometimes, understanding the question or the situation will depend on your ability to figure out the tense of the situation. No coaching class is complete without teaching you how to tackle tenses. Hence as a part of our GRE coaching, or for that matter even PTE, and OET coaching, we deal with at least a few questions that trip you up on the tense structure.

This test will help you understand the tense structures better. This might even help you in IELTS speaking. Not just that, you might actually be able to learn to write better. Or even more simply, this test might put paid to rest questions that you might have always had. If there are any questions that you have about why a particular answer is right or wrong, you can always talk to one of your trainers.

Our awesome, highly qualified trainers are the reason why we are able to consistently offer the best coaching in Hyderabad. If you are not from First Academy, you can always call us or visit us!

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