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Three Tips for an 8 in Speaking

Jan 27 2023


Want to get quick shortcuts to getting an 8 in speaking? These will definitely help!

Three Tips for an 8 in Speaking - First Academy

Speaking can be a challenge especially if you are shy, or if you are not comfortable with the language. These three killer tips will help you ace the speaking test! Read on!

1. Fake Confidence

It is easier said than done. But once you start to look confident, your speaking will automatically improve. But where to start? Start with the simplest confidence hacks - smiling. When you practice, start practicing by speaking as you are smiling. Take a small paragraph from one of the IELTS reading passages and try the following:

Read it aloud seriously, and then read it aloud with a smile on your face.

You will notice that as you are smiling and reading, the flow of speaking gets better. You will not only look confident, but also will start feeling confident. The result? The examiner will also look at you as a confident, fluent speaker.

2. Quick Answers

When the examiner asks you something, do not think about the details. First give an answer. Let the answer be quick and direct. Let it be whatever comes to your mind. This is especially important when you are trying to score in fluency and coherence.

Look at Band 3 in Band Descriptors here. You will notice that lengthy pauses will give you a Band 3. To avoid that:

Give a quick, immediate answer, and justify yourself later, and in detail

This will work because IELTS does not expect you to give 'correct' answers. It only expects you to give relevant answers.

3. Simple Words

If you are trying to impress the examiner by using big words, you will end-up searching for words mid-sentence. This will make your speech sound fragmented. This will affect both fluency (flow) and coherence (clarity).

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo da Vinci

It is often the shortest and clearest of sentences that make the most impact. Whenever you are in doubt, remember that the simplest way to convey the deepest feelings can be done with just three words - I, love, and you.

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