Whose line is it anyway?


There is a saying which says the difference between good and great is 5%. Being able to write good sentences is something that some effort and some grammar books can help you do. That will get you a good score. Quite often, in life, being good is well just that, being good enough. And quite often, it means that you are just a face in the crowd. You are among the millions that are just passing by. You are among the countless that just go with the flow.

If you however want to be more than just good enough, you need to target great. And greatness does not come just with effort, and practice, and mindless repetition. Greatness comes from thinking. Greatness is a consequence of meditation and forethought. And this exercise helps you do just that. Or in way, it forces you to think, analyse, reason, and then arrive at a conclusion.

If you apply thought, you will also learn from your mistakes. And at First Academy, this is what our awesome sessions are all about. They are not about just repetitive activities. The coaching is designed to make you think. It is constructed with the purpose of making you pause, look back and weigh your options with care. That is why we are the coaching centre that is able to make that 5% difference.

From choosing subjects for class to putting an effort in making quizzes, and writing material, and choosing trainers, we are easily the best. This is because we work with the best. This is First Academy. This is coaching done right!

The best there is!

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