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IELTS Band 9 sample 5 - Task 2

Nov 11 2021


IELTS Band 9 sample 5 - Task 2 - First Academy

Here is an analysis of the question

Here is the sample response:

The obligation for working parents is a precise one: the feeling that one ought to work as if one did not have children - so that the child's future is secure, while raising one’s children as if one did not have a job - so that  the child feels secure. The immediate reaction to such a plight is that of wry sadness.

From the parents’ perspective, even if they could choose to work from home, they would miss out on social and professional contact, and the career and development opportunities that brings, as well as feeling more part of the team. This could directly and negatively affect the family’s long-term financial stability. But what many parents forget is the kind of impact this style of life has on the kids.

The tight working schedule means that kinds spend lots of time alone at home or at home watching their parents work. The parents are completely overwhelmed and their stress levels sky high. Children, in such cases, become resentful of their parents’ careers, and usually act out by resorting to unruly behaviour, which in turn affects their development. Many studies have, in fact, found that time spent with parents, not in classrooms, has a strong impact on a child’s academic success.

It might surprise many young parents to hear that the the amount of meaningful time one spends with his family each day is the ultimate measure of success, but the truth remains that social bonding is the only thing that adds to this measure – happiness.

Word Count:255

Things about vocabulary you would do well to know:

1. wry ironic, cynical

2. plight a difficult situation

3. overwhelmed completely defeated; incapable of action

4. act out to behave badly


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