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10 Idiomatic Expressions You Must Know

Apr 17 2022


Idiomatic Expressions are different from Idioms. An idiomatic expression is not about replacing a word with an idiom. For instance, 'leading the charge' means to be first. However, you cannot say, I lead the charge in the exam. In this post we will look at some idiomatic expressions and how they may be used. Happy learning!

10 Idiomatic Expressions You Must Know - First Academy

Here are the expressions

The expressions used in the passage clearly indicate the writer has an almost native like command of English. Here are the expressions

  1. Wholeheartedly agree
  2. Have some reservations
  3. provide with
  4. spoil someone rotten
  5. take over the world
  6. bombarded with something
  7. a barrage of something
  8. something is staggering
  9. abundance of choice
  10. first world problem

How do you use them?

Here is a writing task question using which we would like to show you how these expressions can be seamlessly integrated into your writing or your speech to make you sound like a native speaker and get a better score!

While I would like to wholeheartedly agree with the statement presented, I have some reservations.

Having been born into a reasonably wealthy family, I did not have a particularly difficult life. As a child, my parents provided me with anything I could ever want. While they did not spoil me rotten, they did not deprive me of anything either. They managed this balance well, especially since I have now grown into a person who values hard work and spends money wisely. But this was all during a time when media did not take over the world.

Today, we are bombarded with advertisements from all sides. Even those who have a limited presence on social media and diligently avoid watching TV cannot escape the barrage of direct and indirect advertisements. From online shopping portals presenting us with 300 different varieties of toilet papers to boutique haberdashers willing to craft designs that are exclusive to us - the choices do indeed seem staggering.

But is this the case with everyone all over the world? I would like to think not.

The abundance of choice, to me, is an exclusively first world problem. I feel so because a large section of the world’s populace is still struggling to survive. For them, succeeding at the prime directive of life – survival, is a challenge. With barely any access to potable water or sufficient nutrition the only choice they have is between life and death.

So, do we have a lot of choice? Some of us, yes. All of us? No.


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