Duolingo English Test


Sample Essay 8 Band | Festivals

Some argue that the original meaning of festivals is no longer remembered, and for most of us they are just opportunities to have fun. While enjoyment seems to be the priority during festival times, i...


Unlocking Writing

Writing clearly is an art. This post aims to decode the secret behind that clarity....

Language and Grammar

10 Idiomatic Expressions You Must Know

Idiomatic Expressions are different from Idioms. An idiomatic expression is not about replacing a word with an idiom. For instance, 'leading the charge' means to be first. However, you cannot say, I l...


Short Answers for Good Scores - 2

Continuing from the previous post, this post looks at expressions that you can use to make you speaking sound more natural. This will usually give you a better score (tone and coherence). Expression a...


10 Speaking Expressions for a Top Score

What does it mean to speak fluently? It is not just about rattling out sentences at top speed. Speech must come naturally and a large part of being natural is down to three factors. Those are......

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