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10 Speaking Expressions for a Top Score

Mar 24 2022


What does it mean to speak fluently? It is not just about rattling out sentences at top speed. Speech must come naturally and a large part of being natural is down to three factors. Those are...

10 Speaking Expressions for a Top Score - First Academy
  1. Intonation

  2. expressions

  3. discourse markers

In this post, we will look at the easiest of the three elements - expressions.

10 Speaking Expressions and How to Use Them

  1.     Oh yes! (instead of simply saying yes)
  2.     Not really! (instead of a simple no)
  3.     Of course! (yes)
  4.     Certainly! (yes)
  5.     Certainly not! (no)
  6.     Sure does/ Sure do! (yes)
  7.     Sure doesn't/Sure don't (no)
  8.     There's no doubt (could be used for both a yes and a no)
  9.     From what I can see (can be used as starting phrase for both yes and no)
  10.     It looks like (can be used as above)

Here are 10 common speaking expressions that anyone can use. But the challenge is to be able to use them correctly. Using them in the wrong context and negatively affect your score or your chances of an admission.

Many MBA Schools in the US invite potential candidates to interviews. One of the aspects these interviews test is your ability to convey yourself clearly and in native-like ways. Even in such scenarios, expressions can give you that edge you are looking for.

How to use these speaking expressions?

Here are some instances where you may use these expressions. Please note the changes in tense and structure. These changes have been presented so that you can get a clearer idea of how to correctly use these expressions in different contexts.

🎤 Do you like ice-cream?

Oh yes! I love icecream.

🎤 Do you like ice-cream?

Not really. I prefer pani-puri over icecream anyday!

🎤 Do you like ice-cream?

Of course! Who doesn't?

🎤 Do you like ice-cream?

Certainly! (Certainly does not work in such situations)

🎤 Do you want to watch a movie?

I certainly do!

🎤 Does your car have a touch-screen?

It sure does.

🎤 Do you want a raise?

I sure do!

🎤 Will your friend help you?

There's no doubt he will!

🎤 Do you think the plan will work?

From what I can see, it looks like it will/won't.

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