Meet the Dean: Fairleigh Dickinson University USA

Apr 17 2022


Situated in the east-coast, Fairleigh Dickinson University has become a popular destination for Indian students.

Among the many benefits FDU provides, here are a few:

A) Scholarships in the USA 

FDU offers up to 9000USD scholarship for all deserving international students. This scholarship is the reflection of student’s GPA and GRE scores.

B) Location 

FDU is located in New Jersey. Its a centrally located city in the east coast amidst many technology companies. It is also a stone’s throw away from the financial district.

C) Internships 

The course includes an internship period, during which students can choose to work at the numerous companies surrounding the campus. This industry experience certainly aids in securing a full time job in the field of their interest.

D) Course Range 

From pharmacy to Computer Science, FDU offers a variety of courses. Such a variation is very difficult to find anywhere else.

E) Reputation 

FDU is considered to be one of the most student friendly universities in the USA. It is among the top 10 Universities for Hospitality and Tourism Management.

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