IELTS Academic Writing - Sample Response

Process of making a new website

Dec 16 2022


The diagram below shows how the process of making a new website works. Write at least 150 words.

Process of making a new website - First Academy

The diagram describes the 6-step process involved in creating a new website.

The first step is Initiation where the objectives are determined, and the budget is set. Once this is done, a project initiation report is prepared, and a kick-off meeting is held.

After the kick-off meeting, the process moves into the planning stage. Here a site audit is done and the site architecture prepared. This allows the process to move into the design phase. At this juncture, creative concepts for the proposed website are presented for approval. Once approved, the site moves into production.

Should the client suggest any changes during the design phase, the process then moves back to the planning stage before again returning to the design phase.

The fourth stage (production) involves building the site and populating it with content. Post this, the site is tested using a few test pages before a beta site is launched. Once testing is complete, the sign-off process begins with the launch of the final website and training the clients on how to use and manage the website.

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