ielts writing


Process of making a new website

The diagram below shows how the process of making a new website works. Write at least 150 words....


WT2: Traditional Dressing

In many countries, traditional dress and costumes are considered effective ways of maintaining links with the past. How effective can traditional costumes be, in this sense? In what other ways can peo...


Digital SAT Sample Questions - Sentence Fragments

Sentence fragment questions are a part of questions on English Conventions. The Digital SAT has at least 4 questions in each module that look at the test-takers understanding of English Conventions....

Language and Grammar

5 tips to instantly improve your IELTS score

These 5 tips will instantly improve your language and make you ready for any English language exam like IELTS, PTE, DET, OET, or TOEFL....


The perfect paragraph for a great score

Paragraphing is a skill that is important for both writing well, and for reading better. What many new learners do not understand is that tips to write better paragraphs, also are indicators to unders...

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