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My GRE Scores Have Been Cancelled

May 04 2022


5 Things you can do if your GRE Scores have been cancelled.

My GRE Scores Have Been Cancelled - First Academy

Many GRE test takers of late (especially the At-Home version) have been in for rude (and not so rude) shocks when they got communication from ETS that their scores have been cancelled. So what can you do if your test scores have been cancelled?

1. Write to the universities

If you have reported the scores to the universities and those scores have been cancelled, ETS will inform the universities that the reported scores have been cancelled. This can have an adverse impact on your admission chances. 

So, the moment you get notice of cancelled scores, write to the university saying that there has been a mistake and that you will get clarification from ETS soon or promise them you would resit the test at the earlies.

2. Appeal the decision

If you are sure about being in the clear, make sure you appeal the decision. You can contact ETS a [email protected] to appeal. We are not saying it will work, but you will have to leave no stone unturned, right?

3. Book another test date

A cancelled test date does not mean you cannot write the GRE again. GRE allows you to resit the test from the same login. Your ID or your profile has not been locked or barred, it is only that one test that has been cancelled. So, if deadlines are fast approaching be ready to take the test again.

4. Get Trained

If your previous test has been cancelled because of legitimate reasons (you know what we are talking about here), then it is time to make sure that whatever problems you have and whatever areas of difficulty you have are best sorted before attempting the test this time. So, get trained from certified professionals. Remember, when you are looking for the best GRE training what you need to do is attend a session and have a word with the trainers - most certified trainers are knowledgeable about how to make up for any deficits you might have.

5. Use your previous scores 

If you have taken the GRE more than once, and only one of your test scores have been cancelled, you can temporarily use your older GRE scores and report them so that your application requirements are met. This will give you breathing space before you plan your next move.

Final Note

If you are not able to do any of these, remember, there is no point panicking or thinking that things cannot be corrected. The situation might be a tough one, but it is not as bad as you think it is. Talk to someone who you trust to listen with a sympathetic ear, and give it some time. For you, right now, 6 months or a year might seem like a long time, but in the larger scheme of things, these timelines do not matter.



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