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Sample SOP - Top Universities

Apr 17 2022


An admissions essay should be more than just a resume. Rather than writing down a list of things you have done, it should give the universities a chance to know who you are. The essay should paint a picture of who you are and what you know. It should contain details that are not in a resume. Here is a sample!

Sample SOP - Top Universities - First Academy

What do a craving for solving problems through code, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a passion for teaching dance have in common? Me.

The unlikely troika has led me on an interesting journey that both molded me and shaped my interests. As a practitioner of Taekwondo and a student of Choi’s Theory of Power, I understand that success, in life, just as in martial arts, depends upon balance and deep knowledge of any field when used creatively can lead to startling discoveries in another.

This understanding has been my guiding light and my inspiration to learn deeply.

Whatever it is that I do, I aim for holistic development. This has been a habit since childhood, probably owing to my parent both of whom have been associated with the state education system. After college, like many others in India, I chose to take up Engineering as an education/career option. However, unlike the others, I did not let my education limit me or circumscribe my activities.

Apart from the classroom education, I strove for balance. I learnt both within and outside the class. I learnt from books, from life and from people. I did not let go of any learning experience. Beyond the class, I have a completed courses in Cybersecurity (Cisco) and kept my language up to date by successfully achieving the British English Certificate.

Beyond academics, teaching and bringing change in the community are two of my biggest passions. While presenting papers and securing prizes and participating in code debugging competitions bring me closer to the community, there is barely any sense of giving. My 3-year tenure as the Head and the Director of my college’s cultural committee made presented me the opportunity to give. Organising these events and their eventual successes accentuated the importance of management skills and leadership abilities.

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Being a teaching assistant (mentorship program) was an opportunity to both give, and learn. Interacting with, and mentoring freshmen gave me a grandstand view of the changing trends and the future of the technology landscape . Besides academics, and Taekwondo, my passion for dance kept things lively. Being a dance trainer allowed me to pitch my teaching skills outside of the academic domain.

This along with my internship in Building Social Values through Traditional Games served to deepen my understanding of how our regular activities become mores and then traditions. This a management principle that can even serve those who wish to bring systemic change.

I use my skills to solve social problems. Thanks to my interest in advanced calculus, getting to grips with concepts of computing has always been easy. I have always been an A+ student in computing subjects. But it is the understanding of the world around me that gave me the opportunity to solve problems at scale.

My first step towards solving societal problems was my work on a voice-based email for the blind. The project which eliminates the use of keyboard makes email accessible to the visually impaired. This seemingly simple advance has the potential to change the lives of over 250 million visually impaired. The project truly drove home the importance of inclusivity, especially in technology.

I am now at a place in life where I have opportunity to take up the numerous job-offers from top IT companies. But it is not where I want to be. I want to take more time to learn, to put all these skills together and immerse myself in an environment that presents both challenges and opportunities.

Before I take a plunge into the professional world, I want to know more about how to manage people, and technology together. I want to know the ropes of assessing risks and predicting trends. I want to be fully prepared for the emerging global economy where technology is going to play a big role. I want to make the concepts like crowdsourcing a part of financial and operational decision making.

The right place to being would be a structured, challenging program on a platform that encourages diversity and a healthy exchange of ideas.  The MIS program at your university is my first choice to embark upon the journey that will allow me to shape my future. 


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